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Add a loaner vehicle
Add a loaner vehicle

These are the steps to adding a vehicle to your Fleetlane account. It's simple and easy if you follow these steps.

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Adding a Vehicle to your Fleetlane account.

Adding a vehicle to Fleetlane is a simple process that can be done within a few minutes. In order to add a vehicle to your Fleetlane account, follow the steps below:

There are 2 ways of adding a vehicle:

  • Connecting the GPS devices to the vehicle

  • manually

Step 1: Log into Fleetlane

Log into the Fleetlane website or mobile app using your email and password.

Step 2: Select the “Add Vehicle” Button or connect the GPS device

If you prefer to create the vehicle in your account first:

Once logged into your Fleetlane account, select the “Add Vehicle” button either under the action button on the top right

If you prefer plugging the GPS and letting Fleetlane automatically create the vehicle:

Plug the device into the vehicle's OBD port (while turned off), ensure the red solid light is ON, turn vehicle on, let it run for 2 mins or take it for a short drive, then turn the key off.

Step 3: Input Vehicle Details

Enter the year, make and model of the vehicle you will be adding by clicking on the VIN of the vehicle that was just added. Add the license plate number and stock # as this will help you look for the vehicle later.

Step 4: View Added Vehicle

Once the vehicle is added, and all information is added, you can view it under the VEHICLES tab on your Fleetlane dashboard.

Step 5: Using GPS devices?

Once the device is connected to the vehicle, the odometer and fuel level should come up shortly as the vehicle begins to travel. It may take 2-3 driving cycles before, all the data is present.

If you see the TRUE ODOMETER label, this indicates the true odometer mileage in the dashboard. No actions required.

If you see the CALCULATED label, this indicates that the mileage must be added to the system manually in order to give it a start point. Simply ensure the vehicle is stopped and not the mileage under select VIN > Initial Odometer (top of page) > add value


That’s all there is to adding a vehicle to Fleetlane! Now you can manage your vehicle’s activity quickly and easily.

If you are having trouble or need additional assistance, please use the chat in your account or email us at

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