GPS location is wrong

My vehicle is showing a different location than where it actually is located

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There are instances where the telematics device (aka GPS device) locks onto a location that is not the current one. This typically happens on devices that have not been connected to a vehicle a while or that have been disconnected from one car and plugged into the other.

What to do when this happens?

  1. While vehicle is OFF; remove the device from the OBD port and reconnect it making sure the LED light is solid red when reconnected.

  2. Turn ON car and drive around for 100 m or about 1 min

  3. Turn vehicle off

  4. Cycle this process 3 times or until the GPS location shows to be accurate in your Fleet by BEEM account.

If this does not help and the GPS location is still inaccurate, use our chat or contact us at and we will assist you immediately.

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