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What are connected odometers?
What are connected odometers?

This article will help you understand the difference between Calculated Odometer and True Odometer.

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Connected odometers automatically fill in the odometer value in your agreements and the vehicles details.

There are 2 types of connected odometers depending on what your telematics devices can get from your vehicles.

Calculated Odometer Heading

Calculated Odometer

This connected odometer value is provided by adding the driven distance since the telematic device was plugged into the vehicle to the initial odometer. This type of connected odometer works on all makes and models.

Driven Distance + Initial Odometer = Calculated Odometer

In order for this type of connected odometer to start providing a value, you need to set the initial odometer of the vehicle in the vehicle details page under the Initial Odometer tab.

The driven distance provided by the vehicle can drift slightly over time compared to the dashboard reading because it relies on GPS connectivity. A margin of error of up to 5% can be considered normal. We recommend setting a new initial odometer from time to time to keep the drift to a minimum.

True Odometer Heading

True Odometer

True Odometer represents the latest odometer reading from the vehicle's dashboard. This information is passed directly from the vehicle to our system and is not calculated, which is why no initial odometer is required for this value to be provided.

Dashboard Reading = True Odometer

This type of connected odometer is the most reliable and will never drift over time.

Unfortunately, there is no way to activate True Odometer on vehicles that don't provide this information. Models of the same year may not have the same support of True Odometer from one vehicle to another. Vehicles that do not support this type of connected odometer will default to use Calculated Odometer.

Connected Odometer Setting

You can select which type of connected odometer is used by default when True Odometer is available in the Settings page, under the Vehicles tab.

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