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How to: Add a vehicle
How to: Add a vehicle

Here's a quick article on adding vehicles to your Fleet by BEEM account

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In this article, you will see how it is possible to add a vehicle either 1) manually or 2) using the GPS device to detect the VIN automatically

Method 1: Manual input

Click the ACTIONS button > Click "add vehicle"

Enter the vehicle information

Add as much information as you want (you can always edit this later in the VEHICLE tab)


You have added a vehicle! It is now ready to be loaned out to a client.. You can now create contract.

Method 2: Using the GPS device

  • Install the device in the OBD port of the vehicle while it is off and ensure the red light on the device lights up (power on)

  • Start vehicle and let it run for 1-3 minutes

  • Turn vehicle off

  • Note down the mileage of the vehicle after the vehicle is turned offย 

Note: this is mainly used for vehicle older than 2022 as car makers did not make the dashboard mileage available in those years and so the device is unable to pick it up. You will use the mileage you noted and enter it in the Initial Odometer field > Vehicle

  • Go to your account ( > Login

  • In the "VEHICLE" tab, you will find the VIN of the vehicle appear > Select the VIN

  • Add the noted mileage in the Initial Odometer field.

  • Click Save.

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