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Connecting a GPS device to a new vehicle
Connecting a GPS device to a new vehicle

Here the simple steps on how to correctly connect the device to the vehicle

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Follow these steps to ensure that the device is properly connected and will operate as expected:

  1. With the vehicle OFF, connect the device into the OBD port under the dash

  2. Once the device is connected, a RED LED light should turn on (Indicating there is power)


  4. Let the vehicle run for 3-5 mins (helpful to drive around for 50 m or so)

  5. Turn vehicle OFF

  6. Cycle the on/off sequence once more by starting the vehicle and turning off

  7. Let vehicle run for 60 seconds; and

  8. Turn off

  9. Return to your account and verify if the "True Odometer feature" works for this vehicle (where the device can read the dashboard mileage).

Note: This is what you should see if you go to that specific vehicle under the VEHICLES page.

If you do not see the TRUE ODOMETER label, insert in the INITIAL ODOMETER value of the vehicle when the device was connected to it.

Note that once the Initial Odometer is entered, click SAVE.

Until the device is removed, the device will calculate a simulated odometer (with an accuracy of 97%). Therefore it may be that you have some deviation without TRUE odometer.

Here is how you add the INITIAL ODOMETER:

  1. Login to your Fleetlane account

  2. Go to the VEHICLES tab

  3. Select the vehicle you want to set up (this is the vehicle that recently received a GPS device):

4. Click on the VIN number of the vehicle and click on the Initial Odometer tab (appears on the top information card):

5. Now enter the kilometer value of the odometer that you noted when the vehicle was turned off and click SAVE.
6. You're all set and the vehicle will now automatically update the odometer as it moves around!


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