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Battery drain issue on my Land Rover vehicle
Battery drain issue on my Land Rover vehicle

This article will help you understand how to solve a draining battery on a Jaguar or Land Rover vehicle and certain models.

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After many instances of battery drain issues on MY 2019 and newer of Land Rover vehicles, JLR Canada has issued an update (SSM 74634) which is intended to solve this issue of the vehicle controllers staying awake for a prolonged period of time after the vehicle is turned off.

Issue:  Battery drain when dongle or any device is installed on the OBD port (except JLR diag tool)

Affected models:

  • Discovery / L462

  • Discovery Sport / L550

  • New Range Rover Evoque / L551

  • Range Rover Velar / L560

JLR Canada has recently released SSM 74634 for the battery drain issue when dongle is connected in relation to the OBD devices.

A simple update of the vehicle will allow you to connect you OBD dongle to the vehicle without any issues. If issues do persist, please let our engineering know at and also inform JLR Canada of the matter.

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