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What is Planner?
What is Planner?

How to use and understand the Planner section.

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The Planner feature helps you manage your agreements and vehicles with a clearer visibility, in time.

This can easily be achieved via our 2 types of views:

Planner is a great tool to plan your days and weeks in advance or manage on the fly, see all your agreements in one place, plan your fleet capacity and reserve specific vehicles for clients to tailor to their needs or preferences.

Both views share the same date picker controls (see above in the upper left corner) which allows you to navigate in-between weeks. You can also easily change views by using the view switcher (see above in the upper right corner).

By clicking on an agreement “cell”, it will launch a preview box which reveals useful details such as:

  • The agreement status (aka icons) Learn more

  • The number of days the agreement has been open

  • The number of days the agreement is overdue (in red), if applicable

  • The Repair Order number, if applicable

  • The date and time the agreement was opened

  • The Expected Date In on the agreement

If an agreement is still Open past its Expected Date In, the agreement will be outlined in red to alert advisors to either contact the client or modify the return date on the agreement.

Agreement Calendar

The Agreements Calendar view showcases all your agreements on a weekly calendar structure based on their “Date Out” and “Expected Date In”. You can get a glimpse of the number of agreements you have planned and the remaining amount of loanable vehicles, on any given day.

The number of “loanable vehicles” is derived from the total number of vehicles in your fleet subtracted by vehicles with major Blockers (except To Clean/Sanitize and Low Fuel) and the number of booked, reserved, open, reopened agreements on each day. For quick reference, the number of loanable vehicles is also represented by the number of “Available” slots.

Fleet Vehicles - Major Blockers - Agreements = Loanable Vehicles

You can create an agreement by clicking the + icon at the top of each day or simply by hovering over an Available slot and clicking + New Agreement. This will create a Booked agreement and use up a slot of your loanable vehicles for the span of the agreement length.

Vehicles Timeline

The Vehicles Timeline view provides the availability of each vehicle in your fleet based on the agreements linked to each of them. This allows you to see when your vehicles are going out and when others should be coming back, based on the Estimated Date In of the agreements.

This view also displays Blockers that are applied on vehicles to let advisors know precisely which vehicles need attention or should not be loaned out.

You can create an agreement for a specific vehicle and date by hovering over the desired date and clicking + New Agreement. This will create a Reserved agreement with the selected vehicle.

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