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How to: Manage your Fleet with Blockers
How to: Manage your Fleet with Blockers

In this article, we will show you how to use vehicle statuses to better organise your fleet.

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Using blockers is a great way to keep a good communication within your team members and keeping everyone informed on the statuses of the vehicle.

We have made available the most commonly used statuses  and they include the following:

.Low Fuel

.To Clean/Sanitize




.Missing Unit

.Missing Keys

Here is how to change a status:

There are also some rules that were added to make the feature even more useful:

  • If a vehicle is currently "On-Loan", it means an agreement is currently open and that you will not be able to change its status until the agreement is closed.

  • You can only create a new agreement on vehicle that are "Available". This is to prevent renting out a vehicle that has been sold, requires maintenance, or is low on fuel.

Here is how to revert the vehicle back to "Available":

Don't forget that these filters can then be used in the vehicle tables filter where you can create a view of vehicle that have low fuel so that you can take care of re-filling in your downtime. See these articles on how to create a view and exporting a view.

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