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What are vehicle Statuses and Blockers?
What are vehicle Statuses and Blockers?
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Vehicle Status

The vehicle status is automatically set based on state of agreements linked to it.

This will appear on the Vehicles page in the Status column of your vehicles list.

Here are the states of the vehicles:


The vehicle is currently available to be loaned out.


The vehicle is currently linked to a Reservation and is ready to be loaned out.

On Loan

The vehicle is currently linked to an Open agreement.

Vehicle Blocker

A Blocker set on a vehicle will override its status and prevent opening agreements with it until it is unblocked. Vehicle Blockers can be changed on the vehicle details page. A vehicle can have any of the following Blockers:

To Clean/Sanitize

The vehicle needs to be cleaned before the next rental.

Low Fuel

The vehicle needs to be refuelled before the next rental.

To Clean/Sanitize and Low Fuel vehicles are included in the Loanable metric of the Planner view.


The vehicle needs some repairs or maintenance.


The vehicle is sold and needs to be removed from the fleet.

Missing Keys

Impossible to locate the keys of the vehicle.

Missing Unit

Impossible to locate the vehicle.


The vehicle should not be loaned out for any other reason.

Setting a Blocker on a vehicle while it is Reserved or On Loan will not delete or close the current agreement it is linked to. When doing so, you will still see if the vehicle is currently Reserved or On Loan in the Status column of the Vehicles’ list.


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