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What are the 5 Status for agreements?
What are the 5 Status for agreements?

Understanding the differences between Booked, Reserved, Open, Closed and Reopened agreement statuses.

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An agreement's status represents the process step at which the agreement belongs. There are 5 types of status for an agreement, each of them carry a specific purpose.

Booked Heading


"Booked" agreements usually contain the minimum amount of information, such as basic customer information and the rental period. No vehicle is linked to the agreement.

Note: "Booked" agreements can be deleted.

Reserved Heading


The "Reserved" status means the vehicle linked to the agreement, preventing the vehicle from being linked to another agreement for the period of the rental, from Date Out to the Expected Date In.

Note: "Reserved" agreements can be deleted.

Open Heading


The "Open" status is active when we click Open on an agreement. The agreement starts recording the number of days the vehicle linked to the agreement has been out.

Note: Once in "Open" status, an agreement cannot be deleted as it constitutes a permanent record.

Closed Heading


The "Closed" status represents the closing of an agreement, (also known as checking in).

Note: The information of the agreement cannot be edited in this state, except for charges.

Reopened Heading


A "Reopened" status means an agreement was previously "Closed" and was reopened.

This happens when an agreement was closed too early, by mistake or where the duration needs to be extended.

We all make mistakes! This status represents the right to make mistakes and to repair them ;)

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