Using statuses is a great way of having an organized view of the vehicle your are managing as well as preventing mistakes in the rental process.

We have made available the most commonly used statuses  and they include the following:

  • Grounded

  • Available*

  • On-Loan**

  • Maintenance

  • Sold

  • Reserved

  • Missing Unit

  • Missing Keys

  • Low Fuel

Here is how to change a status:

There are also some rules that were added to make the feature even more useful:

  • If a vehicle is currently On-Loan, it means an agreement is currently open and that you will not be able to change its status until the agreement is closed.

  • You can only create a new agreement on vehicle that are Available. This is to prevent renting out a vehicle that has been sold, requires maintenance, or is low on fuel.

  • At any time, you can set the vehicle back to Available (except if its on-loan of course).

Don't forget that these filters can then be used in the vehicle tables filter where you can create a view of vehicle that have low fuel so that you can take care of re-filling in your downtime. See these articles on how to create a view and exporting a view.

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