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How to: Add charges to an agreement
How to: Add charges to an agreement

Adding a quantity to a charge

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When a customer is returning is loaner vehicle, charges can be added directly into to agreement for quick and easy payment.

In order to charge a customer, you will simply need to adjust the quantity in the charge item by clicking EDIT.

Once this is done, if a credit card is on file for this customer (see credit card info section), the PAY button will become green and you can simply process the charge by clicking on it.

Here a quick 15 second video to see it in action:

Note: A transaction receipt will be available on the agreement print.
Tip #1:
You can choose to add any default charges via the settings to make sure they will appear on every new agreement or you can also add them directly on the agreement by clicking EDIT, entering a new line, then clicking the ADD button.

Tip #2:
You can use the payment feature at any time on the agreement. You can charge an insurance fee at agreement opening as an example, charge for fuel when closing the agreement, and charge for tickets once you receive them even if the agreement is closed!

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