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How do I add pictures to damages?
How do I add pictures to damages?

Discover all you need to know about the Damage Pictures feature.

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This feature is only available to accounts on the Pro Plan.

Damage pictures can be added to any damage you add to a vehicle, either in the vehicle details page or on a specific agreement, to better document the incident.

To add a picture to a new damage simply click on "Add Picture" and select an image from your computer or tablet. On mobile devices, you can also choose to take a picture using the camera of your device.

Damage pictures only support images in jpeg, jpg and png formats.

You can add multiple pictures to a damage and a number in the upper-left corner of the damage card will indicate how many pictures a damage contains.

At any given time, you can delete a picture or download a full version if the need arises. These options can be found in the damage details by clicking the "Edit" button. From there you can find both option on each picture in the picture list on the right of the screen.

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