Allowing customers to sign their loaner or rental vehicle contracts by SMS. Nouvelle fonctionnalité - E-Signature

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Fleet by BEEM is excited to announce the release of our newest feature:


This feature allows you to send the loaner agreement to your clients for them to sign on their own mobile device.

Prepare agreements in advance and receive a signature before the client comes to pick up the courtesy vehicle for a quicker and efficient process.

Here’s how to use the new feature:

1) Fill out the agreement details as you normally would

2) Mark the agreement as ready to sign by clicking the “Mark As Ready” button

3) You can either print a copy of the agreement or click the NEW “E-Sign” button

4) A box will appear where you can choose from 1 of the 2 following options:

  • To sign an agreement on a tablet at the dealership

  • Or, to send a request for a signature on your client’s mobile device

5) Select the delivery method (email or SMS)

6) Click on Confirm and a signature request will be sent to your client


1. Signature on client’s device

  • Your client will receive an SMS or email with a request to sign the agreement before coming to pick up the loaner vehicle.

  • The customer will have to click the check boxes to initialize and acknowledge that they agree to the terms and conditions.

  • Once they sign the agreement, it will appear in your “Agreements” page.

2. Signature on dealership’s device (tablet)

  • Choose the option "Sign on Tablet" and hand over the tablet to your customer.

  • The client will see their agreement with checkboxes to click on. Once all checkboxes are clicked, they can sign the agreement.

  • After signing, the client can choose to have a copy sent to themselves, by SMS or email.

Either of these two methods will save the signature in the Fleet by BEEM app for future reference. If you wish to print the agreement, you can do so and the contract will include the client's electronic signature.

If you have any questions or are having issues with this feature release, please do not hesitate to contact us via chat or by email at team@fleetbybeem.com.

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