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Airbag light comes on
Airbag light comes on

Information about airbag light coming on when device is connected

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If you have plugged in your OBD device and the airbag light on the vehicle has appeared in the dash, here's why.

Car manufacturer's are constantly evolving the way the vehicles computer operates and in some instances, due to the sensitivity of these systems, the airbag light may come on. That being said, we wouldn't want you to give your clients loaner cars with airbag lights coming on so here is the process to inform us and BEEM to provide technical support:

Currently, here are vehicles we have seen the airbag come on:

  • 2020 Land Rover Defender

  • 2020 JLR Evoque P250 S

  • 2018 Land Rover Discovery Td6 SE

If you are having an issue with another make or model, please send us:

  • VIN, Vehicle make, Model

  • AND

  • a description of when the airbag comes on (on ignition on, when driving, when returning from a trip).

Once we receive this information, we will report back to our device team and they will be in touch for the next steps. 

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